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About Maus Orchestra



Maus Middle School has A VERY LARGE ORCHESTRA PROGRAM in Frisco ISD with over 200 students! We proudly feed our program with students from Sem, Tadlock, and Mooneyham Elementary schools.  The Maus Orchestra Program focuses on performing stringed instruments in the orchestra family.  Along with performance, orchestra teaches students life learning lessons such as Teamwork, Confidence, Communication, and Leadership, and Pride.

Our students represent Maus Middle School with Pride!


* Maus Orchestra Students have the opportunity to work with numerous professional clinicians each year.
* At Chamber Music Festival last year, Maus Orchestra had over 90 Superior Soloists, 18 Excellent Soloists, and 25 Superior Ensemble Members. Some soloist and ensembles even received the Outstanding Award of the day from the judge in their room!
* The Maus Advanced Symphony Orchestra & Symphony Orchestra received Straight Superior Ratings last year. The Maus Orchestra earned them a UIL Sweepstakes Trophy in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. 

* The Maus Beginner Orchestra received Straight Superior Ratings at Music Festivals in the years 2015 through 2022. Award winning orchestras!!! 
*Different Orchestras at Maus have the opportunity to perform at many different venues throughout the school year including: School assemblies, the Stonebriar Mall, Frisco ISD Art Shows, school concerts, and the annual Orchestra Dessert Concert!

Our orchestras are Award Winning!



Beginner Orchestra at Maus

The Maus Orchestra Program begins in the sixth grade with instruction in violin, viola, cello, and bass. These students learn in homogenous classes and focus solely on their particular instrument. Most 6th graders are part of this orchestra, which is comprised of beginning players. However, we accept other students into these classes who have not played previously. In these classes, we start from the beginning with everything: how to hold the instrument and bow, how to read music, the best ways to make sounds, the best way to sit and stand, and the history behind the music we perform. These classes meet daily for one class period and focus on establishing and developing basic musical and performance skills. The Beginner Orchestra performs 4 public concerts during the school year and compete at the Sandy Lake Music Festival in the spring. Our beginner orchestra classes are MAUSOME!!

Philharmonic Orchestra at Maus

The Philharmonic Orchestra is made up of students who have one or more years of experience. This ensemble will continue individual development in technique, tone, and music through a progressive curriculum of middle school level music literature. Students placed in this class are committed to continuing their interest in improving their skills in orchestra. This orchestra will perform for four or more public performances per year. Those performances include: the Fall Orchestra Concert, the Winter Orchestra Concert, the annual Orchestra Dessert Concert, and an Elementary School Performance. This orchestra will compete in one music festival during the spring semester. Philharmonic Orchestra ROCKS! Students in this orchestra may be in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade.



Symphony Orchestra at Maus

The Symphony Orchestra is the second performing group at Maus. This orchestra is made up of students in the 6 th, 7th, or 8th grade. Students in this orchestra must be proficient on their instrument and be willing to commit to regular rehearsals, sectionals, and practice times. Members are chosen by the director either through an evaluation of past history with the Maus Orchestra and/or by audition. This orchestra will focus on music literature that will be performed for concerts, 5th grade performances, Music Festivals, UIL, and MS Honor Orchestra Competitions. The Symphony Orchestra has a challenging curriculum which will require students to strive to master scales, shifting, vibrato, and a variety of advanced bowing techniques. The Symphony Orchestra is frequently asked to perform at various events throughout the year and it is important that every member attend.



Advanced Symphony Orchestra at Maus

The Advanced Symphony Orchestra is our most advanced orchestra at Maus Middle School. These students show a high level of musical ability and technique. They strive to exhibit competency in scales, complex rhythms, vibrato, and shifting. They show commitment to their orchestra by attending all rehearsals and practicing regularly. Most of the students in this orchestra are 8th graders, but there are several 7th graders, and some 6th graders who can be admitted to this orchestra by audition. The main purpose is to be prepared for high school orchestra, so the expectation of practice and work ethic will be very high. Students will learn advanced techniques as well as perform increasingly difficult music as the year progresses. Advanced Symphony Students are required to try out for All-Region Orchestra. This Orchestra will perform in at least 5 public performances throughout the year. This includes: the Fall Orchestra Concert, the Winter Orchestra Concert, an Elementary School Performance, the annual Orchestra Dessert Concert, and a Spring Concert.  Beyond these concerts, the Symphony Orchestra has several additional performances in school and community functions. Symphony Students will participate in the UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Competition in March, a music festival in the spring, the Honor Orchestra State Competition, and in other possible performances at various events in the Frisco and the DFW Area. Symphony Orchestra Rocks! Placement into this group is by audition only.

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